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PinnedStafford is the Greatest/Stafford is the Worst! Keep it here.

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He puts up big stats on occasion but they come in losing efforts most games. For every game

251 2233 MJKlions88 Yesterday 11:14 PM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

Pinned***** Help BETA Test The Den! ******

Hi friends, I want to share with you access to the BETA version of The Den. This is exciting

16 3116 LionsFans 9/6/14 2:55 PM
by: LionsSlashWings

Pinned and LockedThe Den: Code of Conduct (Please Read!)

CODE OF CONDUCT Mission Statement (it's not a memo):  The Den is the longest-standing

0 5805 LionsFans 5/6/14 1:48 PM
by: LionsFans

PinnedLION DEPTH CHART Oct.22 sign S. J Couplin PS release Powell RB

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Pos No Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5 Offense

50 16743 coyote12 9/5/14 8:52 PM
by: WestCoastLionsFan

Why Lombardi's offense isn't working in Detroit

Multiple Pages 1 2 

We have a thread why Linehans offense IS working in Dallas. I thought it would be interesting to

21 685 Air2theThrown Today 9:00 PM
by: checkmate260

HotOK you sick SOB's......

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Tell the truth, who's going to be sitting in front of the tube sunday morning with a cold beer

49 1152 sid11 Today 8:58 PM
by: lionfan02

***Lions Vs. Falcons @ London, England, Game Day Thread***

Hi, Lions Fans! I know it's past 7:00PM Eastern Time in Detroit, but it's already past midnight

1 74 PontiacSilverdome Today 8:57 PM
by: PoisonousWang

HotMcCoy gets new deal

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Looks like 7 years for 100M = 14M per year. That's a lot less than suh is getting this year.

44 1056 jerseylion Today 8:03 PM
by: socko

Mosley was sent home from London earlier today.

Mosley was sent home from London earlier today. The Lions also announced S Jerome Couplin has

19 1193 coyote12 Today 8:00 PM
by: sid11

If we struggle offensively against ATL, we've got major issues

I don't care who's out for us, we should still roll this defense. Stafford, Tate, Joique,

16 946 MJKlions88 Today 7:25 PM
by: WinnipegFan

Interesting about McCoy and Suh agent

Mike O'Hara        @ mikeoharanfl                         ·

6 498 coyote12 Today 7:24 PM
by: mongoose

TBT - Lions vs Cowboys 1991 Div Championship

Love these highlights...!!!   Forget the blowout against the Redskins and enjoy...

13 600 jluke112 Today 6:16 PM
by: BigWillieStyle

Week 8 pick em and tally

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm proud to announce a new twist to this year's pick em challenge. The winner of

11 327 CaptainObviou5 Today 4:50 PM
by: SargeMarinelli

PollSchwartz or Marinelli?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

In an alternate universe you get to choose between these two men for your defensive

21 739 FarmerTed Today 4:47 PM
by: socko

Current line on the Lions/Falcons

Lions:  -3.5 Over/Under:  46.5 Not that I gamble, but I thought might be fun to talk

11 456 Hins0042 Today 4:33 PM
by: FireMillen05

Tomorrow's routine

Anyone else feel like you can't crawl out of bed and properly watch a Lions game? I'm in Texas,

2 109 Landon Today 4:32 PM
by: wesleysh21

Betting Thread- Questions, Advice, your plays all here

Well, no one seemed to oppose it, so here it is.  Feel free to use this thread to talk about

6 219 JasonBlanchard Today 4:15 PM
by: DingDongLions1134

Ok this is ridiculous!

I thought I had seen every injury possible to a Detroit Lion player... Including some of the

6 464 Air2theThrown Today 3:49 PM
by: wesleysh21

HotHave we beaten a good team yet?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

We're 5-2. NYG- um, nope. But we did win current record is 3-4 Carolina, loss and Cam was hurt

60 1477 lionsfanfortyyears Today 3:27 PM
by: acmjmm34

Ummm someone didn't explain the format properly to Atlanta

Didn't the NFL explain to ATLANTA that were playing NFL football ? photo uploading

5 461 Air2theThrown Today 3:20 PM
by: sleats

Fauria quizes London locals on NFL + "Answer the Bell"

Fauria's pop quiz for London locals:

4 400 Me4LionsPresident Today 2:49 PM
by: Me4LionsPresident

LockedMcCoy signs with Bucs 7 years 100 million.. Suh will probably

0 140 iggy14 Today 1:18 PM
by: iggy14

Surprised there isn't more talk of the tackle Stafford put on

Vaccaro after the ball slipped through Jordan Thompson's hands.  As the last line of defense our

15 694 lionpiles Today 12:54 PM
by: Me4LionsPresident

Didn't see this posted: Waddle played with possible Concussion

>>> -- Detroit Lions offensive

7 324 CaptainObviou5 Today 11:00 AM
by: edjames01

Why Linehan's offense is working in Dallas

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I had a good conversation with my buddy yesterday (he's from Texas and a Cowboy fan) about what

24 867 3RDRGR Today 10:43 AM
by: 3RDRGR

Stafford Intangibles

Multiple Pages 1 2 

We already have a discussion about Stafford's overall abilities, but I want to take the

27 990 LionsandAves Today 4:53 AM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

PollAge Old Question: Your Championship Hopes...The How

So, I've been thinking a bit here tonight (uh oh! First time). It's really easy to take a

18 636 VinceLombardisGhost Today 1:30 AM
by: kalamazoo317

Nostalgia..Look at the size of these sucka's.Thats a BIG saftey!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I once got close to Chris Speilman and i swear his viens were the size of Cuban

37 1640 sheslion Yesterday 10:35 PM
by: scottallen222

Active Falcons Board

The only Falcons board with more than a few posts a day here 

11 1424 PoisonousWang Yesterday 10:21 PM
by: PoisonousWang

Matt Prater this week.

I would really like to see him get a few shots at fg's this week.  All at least 40 yards and go

10 520 ej1888 Yesterday 10:06 PM
by: PoisonousWang

DET vs ATL Designations - Who needs TEs?

OUT - Ebron, Fauria DOUBTFUL - Bush, Pettigrew QUESTIONABLE - Calvin, Waddle PROBABLE -

7 548 WinnipegFan Yesterday 9:30 PM
by: mclionsfan20

Fairley wants a long term deal with the Lions

Story here ... I have to say it looks like Caldwell/Austin have got through to him but I

18 1238 WinnipegFan Yesterday 5:51 PM
by: wolfcub36

Lions still using Linehan's plays/terminology

Jim Miller said on NFL radio that during the training camp tour they met with Stafford.

10 912 wesleysh21 Yesterday 4:49 PM
by: ej1888

Week 8 Playoff Probabilities

Week 8 here we come! We are 5-2 and for 5 weeks straight we own the division!! Crazy

7 412 abject Yesterday 1:23 PM
by: canucklehead74

2 things about the Saints game.

Drew Brees should have been absolutely destroyed by our safety on the 4th qrtr 1st down run. I'd

0 310 ej1888 Yesterday 1:04 PM
by: ej1888

Hypothetical Trade: Bengals

Multiple Pages 1 2 

23 1581 lionstigerswingspistons Yesterday 12:58 PM
by: NewYorkLion

PollPOLL: Does Megatron play this week in London?

Simple yes or no question. Do you think Calvin plays this week. I say he does.

12 570 lionsfanupnorth Yesterday 11:53 AM
by: notfishinsunday

Waddle back at practice

Josh Katzenstein  ‏ @ jkatzenstein     19m 19 minutes ago Right tackle LaAdrian

5 369 WinnipegFan Yesterday 11:51 AM
by: Wiseacres

is the writing on the wall for broyles?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

i was wondering what's going to happen when tj jones is able to come off the pup list. the

61 1455 najacks Yesterday 11:31 AM
by: Jadedandnolongerdissappointed

Brian Billick laughs at our a good way

I am still adjusting to this board (and vice versa) on my iPad.  Can someone please

9 1652 wesleysh21 Yesterday 10:15 AM
by: Air2theThrown
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