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Purple Thoughts

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Very similar

Name College Yds/Catch Height Weight 40-yd

1 18 willbjammin66 Today 4:56 PM
by: lompocviking

ESPN analyst says Bridgewater won't be a starter

Teddy Bridgewater is only seven starts into his pro career, but former NFL quarterback Tim

7 136 willbjammin66 Today 4:55 PM
by: royalpurple

We could make the playoffs!

... if they'd switch us to the NFC South right now.  

11 349 MoeVikingWhazzup Today 4:45 PM
by: JarlJeger

Probably the LT that Spielman would want to draft

Notre Dame left tackle Ronnie Stanley emerging as a star He's very fond of Notre Dame

9 941 JR181 Today 4:41 PM
by: dosch44

HotPackers players themselves talking about how great they are...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...NEVER a good sign.  Just shut up and play.  You won a game by 3 points over a team missing

37 1844 BlindReferee Today 4:41 PM
by: MUjivitz06

Punching someone in back of head good QB protection

Punching someone in back of head is one way to make sure they don't get to QB:

17 1019 Proudhorn Today 4:36 PM
by: bill1989

HotPeterson compares his situation to Ferguson

Multiple Pages 1 2 


37 1538 TheMongoose Today 4:33 PM
by: dosch44

WRs Coach George Stewart's Retirement Tour

They should give him a rocker & a standing O before the last game. I know his resume,

5 498 Purpleplunder Today 4:32 PM
by: Scoog

Rick Pitino is racist

Louisville beat Savannah State by 61 points and afterwards Pitino said, "I don't like to

6 446 hauts81 Today 4:16 PM
by: JarlJeger

PollRest of 2014 Season: What do you expect / What will please you ?

How do you expect the Vikings to finish, and what record would make you pleased that the team is

13 642 JR181 Today 4:05 PM
by: PitbullDaddy

HotJohnny Manziel Involved In Massive Brawl This Weekend

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and his entourage were involved in a massive brawl

34 2024 willbjammin66 Today 3:58 PM
by: plunderingpurple

Bridgewater must work on his accuracy

Very raw and inconsistent.

15 954 wcvtour Today 3:39 PM
by: playa768

I am very concerned about Bridgewater

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This is not an "I told you so post". I was all in for drafting Teddy but I just

22 1387 royalpurple Today 3:35 PM
by: bastardometer

Open roster spot ===Try out Tuesday ??

Has anyone heard/read who Vikes will fill roster left open by Loadholt going on IR ? What

2 284 nypurple Today 2:54 PM
by: Amaroneville

HotLoadholt - Torn Pec, going to IR and out for year

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Just saw this, someone else have a link?

29 2096 SFVikeFan Today 1:49 PM
by: mgb8

Free Agents ! I would like Mike Iupati if AP stays.

Demaryius Thomas WR 27 DEN 2. Ndamukong Suh DT 28 DET Can Void Deal

7 917 sevendust0305 Today 1:20 PM
by: claykenny

HotIf season was over what positions would the vikes draft

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Qb- it looks like we know what we have in Bridgewater. Plan and simple he doesn't have the arm

65 2855 northvike Today 12:56 PM
by: Briody

55 & 97 pretty much invisible 2 weeks in a row...

maybe just the rookie wall for 55...

8 804 kryde Today 12:23 PM
by: TheMongoose

Kalil's apology (with video)

15 1255 vikingspub Today 11:35 AM
by: Franklin99

I hav'nt seen anyone talk about this total waste of a uniform!!

Jasper Brinkley our invisible middle linebacker who is just stealing his paycheck on a weekly

13 985 jsviking Today 11:24 AM
by: LongCobra

How is this true & if so help me with the math

" Spielman’s teams have won 5 divisional titles and advanced to the playoffs 9 times."

4 531 Purpleplunder Today 11:20 AM
by: Franklin99

Teddy draft profile 2014 There are things in this draft profile

0 252 TeddyIceWater Today 11:13 AM
by: TeddyIceWater

Zimmer v Rodgers. Advantage Zimmer

Multiple Pages 1 2 

What have we learned after two games between Zimmer's D and Rodgers? 1. With the exception of

21 1547 Stu83 Today 10:45 AM
by: JVo84

Flip Kalil and Loadholt

I think the Vikes should consider flipping Loadholt to the left side and Kalil to the right

8 391 celtics17 Today 10:45 AM
by: Amaroneville

Still more wins then all the other rookie Qb's Combined!!

O line is banged up, Adrian is gone, WR 1 started on Browns practice squad, Patterson not

8 601 Vpurpleheadedmidget Today 10:21 AM
by: Charvik

HotRefs don't change games? Tell me the difference

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Between this play and the same situation the Vikings faced in Chicago.

108 3254 ChuckF Today 10:08 AM

Vikes will finish 7-9

they should, hope better its better......middle of the road draft pick.....

2 237 Dean4Life Today 9:23 AM
by: purplekiwi

Matt Kalil's facbook page....

has a post that says "Legacy has to make it's own name". Hmmm...interesting. What

1 298 VikusFanaticus Today 9:05 AM
by: V1KEO

"Got any mustard biscuits for sale in there?"

hmm hmmmmm

0 182 Dean4Life Today 8:26 AM
by: Dean4Life

HotPFF grades

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Aaron Rodgers +0.4 (second-lowest grade of the season for him), including a -0.8 passing grade.

26 1698 Proudhorn Today 8:02 AM
by: PurplePounding

Luck vs. Bridgewater after 7 starts

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Luck = 11 TD's / 11 Turnovers = 0 Bridgewater = 7 TD's / 7 Turnovers = 0 After 5 starts

21 1901 vikingjedi Today 8:00 AM
by: 2012mom

Charles Johnson & Joe Banyard need to see more playing time

I liked what I saw from both today. Banyard looked very promising in preseason and unfortunately

16 1386 smoot4208 Today 7:37 AM
by: PurplePounding

WTH is the problem with our defense and Eddie Lacy???

The guy is not that good but we make him look like Jim Brown.  He is a load but slow as

18 1180 NYPurplePeopleEater Today 7:16 AM
by: intrench

How many yards/TD's this week?

1 117 dougpaschal Today 5:32 AM
by: doowhap

Hometown Ballboy?

Do not know if this has been discussed but is the ball boy who kicked the ball out of bounds

7 934 HornyNick Today 5:29 AM
by: FLVike

TB is/will be special

Multiple Pages 1 2 

He has the knack to march down the field under 2.00 minutes and grab points for the

23 1735 IrishVike Today 1:38 AM
by: 2012mom

Who are potential top OL in Free Agency to target?

Teddy will never survive with these guys protecting him, can't really imagine Fusco being that

13 1070 ArcticWarrior Today 12:40 AM
by: lunas

HotNorv's offense-Need some insight from Louisville fans

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This is an honest question... Did the Vikings see Teddy's struggles with the deep ball on

29 1888 turnedtothepurpleside4 Today 12:33 AM
by: 2012mom

Target numbers?

how many targets does Charles Johnson have over the last three games? Already 8 today.

8 477 Vikingmac28 Today 12:04 AM
by: Vikingmac28

Pic to Caption

7 809 hauts81 Yesterday 11:50 PM
by: Shawn3458
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