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UCONN Football Board

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CT 2014 class

Here is what I have so far, please add... RB: Phillips-Cuse(possible qualify issues)

2 461 WNECgrad 4/22/14 12:48 PM
by: OkieLite

Chart 2014

QB: -Whitmer(might transfer?) -Cochran(rs so) -Boyle(rs fr or soph) -Taylor(rs fr) RB:

17 2274 WNECgrad 4/17/14 10:59 PM
by: uconnbill

The ACC rumor

here are the details of the rumor I talked about a couple days ago on twitter. -JS thinks

8 2771 WNECgrad 4/15/14 9:15 AM
by: wheezer73

Big 10 should have taken UConn

As an old RU fan, let me now admit that the Big 10 screwed up big time taking Rutgers. They

3 741 scarlethorn787 4/12/14 10:52 AM
by: DoubleE

The ACC plans to invite UConn as soon as the NCAA caves in

Here’s what Swofford is trying to do. He is in dire need of better demographics for the

4 1254 Boilerbuilder 4/11/14 11:22 AM
by: doze860

MD lawsuit- what i was told

here is what I was told about the lawsuit and why its important. 1) md is going all out with

2 858 WNECgrad 4/9/14 12:40 AM
by: southfloridadevil

ECU vs UCONN Game On !

I noticed the Huskies are coming to ECU for a conference football game this year. in 2013 many

2 170 owbeemen240 3/23/14 2:24 PM
by: owbeemen240

Tim Boyle

Best Quarterback 2014 in the AAC?

1 292 sampeckinpah 2/6/14 12:45 PM
by: metsfan2323

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0 96 Musclewarehouse 1/27/14 12:36 PM
by: Musclewarehouse

the p3 concept being floated

PAC costal-original 10 mountain- texas, ttech, ok, okst, kst, ist, cst, col, utah, 1 of

2 533 WNECgrad 1/21/14 1:38 AM
by: WNECgrad


-aau has 62 members -the B1G had 15 of those(UofChi & JHU included, neb is not) -the

5 916 WNECgrad 1/19/14 3:45 AM
by: mini14

UConn, Cincy and BSU Ned to lead a split right now

If all the noise is true about what's going on with the p5 then some schools in lower

2 713 WNECgrad 1/18/14 2:28 PM
by: WNECgrad

10 XL Chutes,10 Weight Vest,10 Ladders,10 Resistance Bands $199

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0 121 TopSites99 1/8/14 11:46 AM
by: TopSites99

2014 Draft Watch-UConn history-forecasting

Past 5 years(09-13) Uconn has 16 picks. 21 since 2005. 2013-5 2012-1 2011-4 2010-2 2009-4

0 304 WNECgrad 1/1/14 3:05 PM
by: WNECgrad

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0 158 fearthebeard14 1/1/14 10:07 AM
by: fearthebeard14

2014 class offers chart

-will do pre and post Christmas as that's the diaco and staff split -verbals will be put on the

0 409 WNECgrad 12/27/13 12:54 PM
by: WNECgrad

Dru Hancock

Pay attention, he was in both Ohio and Connecticut the past 2 weeks. He visited for a reason.

2 583 WNECgrad 12/26/13 9:20 AM
by: WNECgrad

I know it's early but

a name you guys should really consider to take the helm is Butch Davis. SoCal doesn't want him

3 831 penncanefan 12/15/13 9:00 PM
by: jacketintucker

Your Next HC

Just curious, what names are being thrown around???Plenty of good coaches out there with UConn

2 1016 stills55 12/14/13 12:48 PM
by: papimocha

Good Hire with Coach Diaco

He'll get you guys turned around.

0 424 JacksonJeffcoat 12/13/13 11:47 PM
by: JacksonJeffcoat

Class of 2015 SS/ATH

5'10 180 Film: Please leave feedback ! Thanks

0 240 Footballrecruit 12/2/13 2:32 PM
by: Footballrecruit

'15 DB Mykal Woulard Orlando, Fl. University H.S. 3.2 GPA

0 234 Softtalk 10/30/13 9:01 AM
by: Softtalk

Football Strength & Conditioning Equipment 2 Day Sale 70%

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0 194 BoloBash 10/24/13 2:09 PM
by: BoloBash

UConn at Rutgers BB Tickets On Sale Now

Tickets for the UConn at Rutgers basketball game on January 25 are now on sale. Tickets are $12

0 238 HeavenUniversity 10/14/13 11:41 AM
by: HeavenUniversity

Lane Kiffin

To be the next head coach at UConn.

5 1897 rrwalls 10/4/13 10:59 AM
by: 4bazza

AAC Football Forecast 2013: Report Card SEP13

You can find out how accurate my forecast for UCONN Huskies was for the period ending September

0 310 AODiamand1 10/4/13 12:03 AM
by: AODiamand1

James Franklin

A good coach at Vandy

0 470 tarynkeith 10/2/13 11:18 AM
by: tarynkeith



0 268 tarynkeith 10/2/13 11:16 AM
by: tarynkeith

Coach Paul Pasqualoni and Coach DeLeone FIRED

Good luck to the Huskies to pull it together for the remainder of this season and, get a really

2 817 ejhiggs 10/1/13 10:11 AM
by: manbeast

Michigan game

First off I would like to say I come in peace.  Just curious to know what your guys thoughts on

7 1097 fizzle5454 9/25/13 10:06 AM
by: Champ0024

The AAC or the new Big East ?

Assuming that it becomes apparent that UConn will not gain admission to the Big Ten or ACC I

0 644 ParadoxlakeHeel 9/23/13 1:42 PM
by: ParadoxlakeHeel

Towson loss.....

Your football team lost to Towson 33-18. You are now part of the new AAC. We are trying to

1 579 owbeemen240 9/19/13 3:57 PM
by: Champ0024

AAC Football Forecast 2013

The college football preview magazines do not seem to spend a lot of quality time analyzing the

2 639 AODiamand1 8/31/13 10:11 AM
by: AODiamand1

McQuillan suffers concussion

Tight end Sean McQuillan suffered a concussion in practice Saturday .

0 234 KenDavis55 8/17/13 11:24 PM
by: KenDavis55

No public practice today

Due to the weather today’s (8/13) open to the public practice has been cancelled open to

0 175 KenDavis55 8/13/13 2:07 PM
by: KenDavis55

AAC Schedule Posters w Unmatched Display/Detail: Get 'Em Now!

UConn Fans, I am a Washington fan with a passion for data analytics/display.  I want to share

1 385 DawgPassion206 8/10/13 5:15 AM
by: DawgPassion206

UConn football roster updates

UConn just released these roster changes: Frosh LB Cory Jasudowich will transfer Walk-ons

0 370 KenDavis55 8/8/13 11:59 AM
by: KenDavis55

What type of offense will UConn run this year?

What type of offense will UConn run this year with the new offensive coordinator?

0 252 bowl4us 8/6/13 9:35 PM
by: bowl4us

UConn Football at AAC Media Day

News 8′s John Pierson interviewed Huskies head coach Paul Pasqualoni as well as three UConn

0 224 markferraro 8/6/13 4:59 PM
by: markferraro

UConn Opens Football Practice

If you missed the video of UConn's first practice last Friday afternoon, here's the link .

0 226 markferraro 8/6/13 4:04 PM
by: markferraro
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